Musical Chairs

You are invited to an extraordinary game of Musical Chairs, unlike any you have played before.

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In this Musical Chairs you are inventor, musician, conductor, game changer. 

These seven chairs are very special. Sit down. See what happens. Your actions will create sounds – voices, rhythms, melodies, noises from nature…

And then, what if someone sits next to you? Join hands and find out how your connection makes new sounds.

Every chair is different. Every game is different. Move around and discover how your body can alter everything.

This game of Musical Chairs will fire the imagination of every generation.

Meet the Artists

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Musical Chairs was created by artists Hellicar & Lewis. Their studio uses craft, design and technology to invent new ways of communicating in real time.

Pete Hellicar’s background was skateboarding while Joel Gethin Lewis’s was mathematics – they became friends over a mutual love of creating new experiences in the real world.